All Aboard

So you’ve tracked down the bear. Now you take to the high seas in search of his missing father. Don’t forget YOU can be PART of the ADVENTURE, here:

The Sad Tale

18 days in to our 31 day visit to Acorn Island, and finally there’s a confrontation of sorts. Not with the bear, but with his aunty. Who happens to be a large hen and the island’s police force.

She tells you the sad tale, and you can decide whether to believe it or not. Play along here:

Loved ones


Here’s today’s instalment of the Acorn Island game over on Twitter (see the link below to play along). This drawing is much looser, made with a finer nib. I was pleased with it.

Who are those two? Something to think about, but now… what next?


Your Uncle Norman

On this day 951 years ago a bunch of bloody pre-French Vikings came over here a took our monarchy.

Just think, if the Norman invasion had failed we could be living in a progressive, liberal Scandi paradise wearing really nice jumpers.

Acorn Island Round-up

We’re up to Day 13 in the Acorn Island adventure game over on my Twitter stream. The players have (finally) got ’round to opening the door of the hut, to be presented with the scene of a bear, asleep in an armchair. There is a painting of a cargo ship on the wall, titled “The Last Voyage of the Saucy Seagull”. Who is that on the ship? That’s a very fancy clock. And who are in those pictures on the mantelpiece? What if the bear wakes up?

Questions, to be answered. You can take part here:

Most People Would Ask A Seagull


We conducted a poll on ‘How would you get into a hut’ and our survey said:

It’s good to know that the player’s of my Acorn Island Twitter game don’t like to do things in the usual way, although I wouldn’t necessarily trust a seagull myself. Obviously, if you want to play along you’re more than welcome to clamber down the chimney, or even use the door.