Resolutions #2017

  1. Make stuff
  2. Make some.more stuff

A Hard Frost in Preston Park

After almost a year of working from my home studio, and nearly going nuts with the daily solitude followed by the chaos of kids returning home from school, I’m travelling to Brighton to work on a new TV project. I get to walk across Preston Park every morning, which is especially handsone in the cold, hard winter sun. I can’t say much about the project other than it’ll be on the BBC maybe later this year and it’s very pretty.

New Year


If you’ve stumbled upon this post, let me wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2017. It may seem that those things will be hard to achieve. I’ll be concentrating on doing what I can to stay in contact with my fellow human beings. Even the ones who I┬ádisagree with. Small acts of love and kindness, regular and often. That’s got to be the way ahead.

Have a good one!