27 Percent

It was late and I found myself having to update my desktop computer after a long summer’s sleep. The computer was only 27% through it’s important work. In this kind of situation it’s best not to stare at the progress indicator. Instead, grab a pencil and draw something.


I was pleased with the Land Rover County, the bear driving it and the toucan. When I looked back at my computer it was still at 27%, so I thought I’d give inking the drawing ago. Now, I really hate inking over pencil marks. The pen nib slides around, the ink flows badly and I rarely leave it enough time to dry before erasing the pencil with a rubber. So I’m often left with a smeared drawing due to bad technique and impatience. A few years ago I treated myself to a small light box but I’ve never really used it. I’ve got into the habit of drawing in ink without pencilling. Anyway, I decided to trace this pencil doodle and so I dug out the light box. Happily it worked, and I traced the pencils onto an overlaid piece of paper wit my fountain pen.


I was pretty pleased with it. I over did it on the hatching as usual but I just can’t help myself. I looked back up at my monitor and of course, it’s still at 27%. But that’s ok, I’m quite enjoying this stolen time and so I get my colouring pencils and get to work. When it comes to colouring drawings, pencils are my best friends. They don’t care if I insist on non-waterproof ink. They live in a nice little tin.


And that is that, really. Time well spent. Of course, the computer is still at 27% after about an hour of drawing. I need to go to bed and I don’t want to leave it running all night. So I switch it off and on again.

*And of course it’s fine.*

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