Goodbye Twitter


I’ve been on Twitter for years and for the most part I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It’s been a great place to keep up on what’s new and some of the jokes have been great. I’ve connected with some brilliant people. But for the last year or so I’ve felt that Twitter has become a place of noise and shouting with fewer and fewer real interactions occurring, at least in my timeline. I also need fewer distractions in my work and family life. So after almost 13K tweets, most of them just silly little drawings and bad jokes I’m sailing away in search of a bit more peace and quiet. I don’t for a second think this is significant for anyone other than myself, but that’s fine by me. If you’re reading this and would like an uninterrupted feed of drawings of birds in hats, connect with me on Instagram:

Or don’t! Maybe go for a walk and leave your ‘phone at home (yeah, right).

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