Toucan Testing

I’ve spent the last couple of days setting up art and assets for a possible Acorn Island game. If it goes anywhere it’ll be an adventure game made with pens, paper and computers. The workflow is something like this:

  • Draw the backgrounds and some props with ink on paper
  • Scan the artwork and map to planes in Blender
  • Create simple CG characters in Blender
  • Throw it all in Unity and make something fun.
  • Easy, right?

I’m making it up as I go along and I’ll continue so long as it stays fun, stays viable and if paid work doesn’t get in the way. Below are some more work in progress images. For this demo I want to use just one material for all the object textures, so everything has been placed on a 2048×2048 png, and that’s what I use for all the UVs. Hopefully this will keep performance nice and brisk (this is for mobile innit). Not that I’m intending the game to be asset heavy. Simplicity is the lazy efficient artist’s best friend after all.


Here’s the texture for the demo’s single material. The drawings were coloured and rearranged in Pshop. Maybe I’ll need to use more than one material, let’s see how it goes:


And here’s a screenshot of a mock up of the demo made in Blender. The final version will be less sparse, but this is a good start:

Toucan Stroll

Don’t expect loads of progress on this. I have to fit personal projects in and around work and life! But I’m enthused and want to crack on with it. Keep an eye on this blog for updates, or the usual social media channels.

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