Tim Frost is an animator, artist and game maker. He lives and works in West Sussex.

When he’s not drawing and fiddling with computers Tim spends his time being a freelance animator and designer for award winning TV series and games such as Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee!, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Tee and Mo and Moshi Monsters.



Tim’s illustrations start with a doodle or sketch, and then grow into a finely detailed scenes involving playful characters who don’t take life or themselves too seriously. Tim often uses pixel art in games because he loves the process of placing tiny squares of colour, one-by-one, in just the right spot. His work reflects his sense of humour, his interest in art, books, trees, birds, nature, hats, bicycles, games and let’s not forget pirates.

Tim’s studio used to be in the shed, but now it’s full of bicycles he works in a small corner of a small house, surrounded by some favourite bits and pieces. Below are a few artful photos of his work space (which had a bit of a special tidy up).