The Sea of Difficulty and The Isle of Skint

General / 14 February 2020

The Sea of Difficulty, otherwise known as January

The Isle of Skint, otherwise known as February.

Haiku Wednesday: Still ploughing that Beckett furrow

General / 12 February 2020


Lidl Chough

General / 08 February 2020

Shiny Haiku

General / 05 February 2020

Most Wednesdays I write and draw a Haiku poem. Here is this weeks. This one is pen, paper and watercolour.

Buddha Meetup

General / 30 January 2020


General / 29 January 2020

Mrs Chutney said

General / 27 January 2020
“He has stolen your hat.” Said Mrs Chutney. “Again.” Said Mr Chutney.

A very little something for the weekend

General / 24 January 2020

Haiku: Deep Dungeon

General / 22 January 2020

It’s #haikuwednesday and the beginning of an adventure (one of a series until our brave soul perishes or finds a way out). Print available on #etsy #haiku #dnd #dungeon #rpg #fantasy #games

hAiKu: PLeAsE LikE ThiS pLeAsE

General / 15 January 2020

It’s #haikuwednesday and I hope you “Like” this one *chortle* – Print available on #etsy #haiku #twitter #facebook #drawing #print