Hello again

Hello Vera

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on here. You may not have noticed, it’s hard to tell these days as publishing anything on the internet feels like shouting into a void. I stepped away from blogging for a while as I had trouble with my WordPress account and I was re-evaluating just about everything in my life, but especially regarding my work and how I want to present it. Of course, this period of reflection was (and continues to be) helped along by the COVID-19 crisis. I don’t have much to say about the crisis itself as my opinion is as relatively worthless as most other people’s. But the whole period has been an opportunity to reflect and make small but profound adjustments to my course.

For the time being I want to continue blogging my doodles, haikus and thoughts. I hope to write some longer pieces too. Blogging started out as a way to promote myself and my career as an artist. Now I see it simply as a much needed opportunity for self expression and sharing. So I’m back for the time being, until I change my mind. I hope you enjoy the stuff I post here.