You may have missed the live instagramming of my walk through Cuckfield woods earlier today. It was quite an adventure. Muddy trainers, overgrown paths. A pheasant! Slippery branches pretending to be bridges across shallow streams.

Most of the time the life of a freelancer is hard, hard graft but sometimes I get out of the house and mange to get into some trees. And then it’s worth it. Always.


They’re Back

After a long winter the signs of Spring’s approach have been numerous but subtle. It’s not until I see the new growth on a favourite tree that I can truly exhale long and loud:

‘Ahh… Spring!’

First Day of Spring

March 20th is generally considered the first day of Spring. The day brought us wind and rain, but the evening cleared with the promise of clearer skies. This was taken on my walk home.

A Hard Frost in Preston Park

After almost a year of working from my home studio, and nearly going nuts with the daily solitude followed by the chaos of kids returning home from school, I’m travelling to Brighton to work on a new TV project. I get to walk across Preston Park every morning, which is especially handsone in the cold, hard winter sun. I can’t say much about the project other than it’ll be on the BBC maybe later this year and it’s very pretty.