It’s a dirty job being a Test Duck

But someone has to do it… This is a work in progress, and mainly an exercise in getting textures and meshes at the right size for a small side project. Next step is to look into bump mapping the duck, and rigging for animation, of course. This version of the duck is relatively low poly.Continue reading “It’s a dirty job being a Test Duck”

Hey Duggee! BAFTA! Again!

“Hey Duggee” has won a second BAFTA award for Best Pre-School Animation. Quite right too! I believe it was “The Tadpole Badge” episode that was chosen to represent the series to the jury, which I designed. So that’s a nice start to my week. Well done to everyone who made (and continue to make) DuggeeContinue reading “Hey Duggee! BAFTA! Again!”