When a Hen Eats a Bee

I’ve always wondered what happens when a hen eats a bee. This short scientific* film will show you.

This was something I made for my own entertainment way back in 2010. It won the Depict! Special Mention Award that year.

(* = Not really scientific)

© Tim Frost 2010

31 Days on Acorn Island

Acorn Island was a simple, hand-drawn game I ran on Twitter in October 2017 (also as part of #inktober2017). The idea was to draw something in pen and ink and then post it to Twitter where players could choose what to do / where to go next. I’m sure it’s been done before, but I wanted to make a game out of relatively simple tools such as a pen, paper and a smartphone. Maybe it’s more an ‘interactive story’ than a game. I don’t know. You decide.

It was good to be forced to invent something new everyday while attempting to carry along a story. I didn’t impose any rules on myself, beyond not being allowed to think or plan things too much. The game contains all the usual silly animals in hats, trees and pirates.  I’m amazed at how much my drawing style changed over the month. I definitely wanted a looser feel by the end. Anyway, below are the 31 different images that came out of the game. Below the images is a link to the Twitter thread (where most of the posts are, but not all. It took me time to figure out that I could just keep replying to myself).

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

After working on Peppa Pig for a couple of years, the studio decided to develop another pre-school series called ‘Little Kingdom’, which was renamed to ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’, partly due to broadcasters insisting that EVERYTHING must be DEFINED by CHARACTERS. I was a pre-production designer on season 1 (concept design for all the characters and settings) after which I left broadcast TV for a while to make stupid Flash games and raise some kids. After the Flash games industry fell drunk into a ditch and stayed there, I slunk with my tail between my legs back to lovely TV land and was episode designer on season 2 of Ben & Holly. I really enjoyed designing the Dwarf Mine, Redbeard’s balloon and the garden centre but crikey, the level of detail nearly killed me. Ben and Holly has a lot more visual stuff going on in it than Peppa’s world. I was hoping to sneak a Minecraft reference into the Dwarf Mine episode, but I’m not sure it got through to broadcast. Maybe you could find it?

All images © Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Entertainment One UK Ltd and are used with permission

Peppa Pig

Back in 2002 I somehow managed to get a gig on two of my heroes’ new pre-school TV series Peppa Pig. Their names were (are) Neville Astley and Mark Baker, and between them they had made some of my favourite animated films (TrainspotterThe Hill Farm, Jolly Roger, The Big Knights). Despite not having any proper animation experience (I was self taught and not brimming with confidence), Mark and Nev taught me just about everything while actually paying me at the same time. What a lucky boy. When I started on the first series of Peppa Pig, no one had the faintest whiff of the massive success it would become, we just worked really hard on making it the best 52 episode series about a cartoon family we could.

I was an animator on the first series, then switched to episode designer for the second (and occasionally on more recent series). I like both animation and design, but the latter is arguably better as it’s slightly less work for slightly more money. And just so you know: No-one, absolutely no-one knows what makes a hit TV show. If you meet anyone who claims they do, they are mistaken. Or mad, or both.

Below are just some of the scenes, characters and props I animated / designed / messed with. There are a whole lot more but these are some of my favourites:

All images are © Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Entertainment One UK Ltd and are used with permission.

Hey Duggee!

I was lucky enough to be one of the episode designers on series 1 & 2  of Grant Orchard’s and Studio AKA’s  “Hey Duggee!”. I designed roughly half the episodes in each series of 52 (so that’s, er, 26 or so right?). Nearly all the design and build was done in Flash. It was just like the Noughties all over again!

People seem to like “Hey Duggee!” and it’s easily my favourite TV show that I’ve worked on. It’s won a BAFTA and an International Emmy. So there. Have a look at some of the stuff I made below:


The images here are used with permission