Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

After working on Peppa Pig for a couple of years, the studio decided to develop another pre-school series called ‘Little Kingdom’, which was renamed to ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’, partly due to broadcasters insisting that EVERYTHING must be DEFINED by CHARACTERS. I was a pre-production designer on season 1 (concept design for all the characters and settings) after which I left broadcast TV for a while to make stupid Flash games and raise some kids. After the Flash games industry fell drunk into a ditch and stayed there, I slunk with my tail between my legs back to lovely TV land and was episode designer on season 2 of Ben & Holly. I really enjoyed designing the Dwarf Mine, Redbeard’s balloon and the garden centre but crikey, the level of detail nearly killed me. Ben and Holly has a lot more visual stuff going on in it than Peppa’s world. I was hoping to sneak a Minecraft reference into the Dwarf Mine episode, but I’m not sure it got through to broadcast. Maybe you could find it?

All images © Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Entertainment One UK Ltd and are used with permission

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