Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree

Last summer I was the Animation Director on Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree, a 24 minute short film for pre-school children, made with Celaction2D. It’s a Lithuanian / Irish / Finnish co-production that was broadcast over Christmas 2018. My task was to set up the Celaction pipeline and work with the animators to develop a consistent animation style and method across all scenes in the film. I spent time in Vilnius, Lithuania at the start of the production to help set up the small animation studio and to guide the animators with their work. For the rest of the production I worked remotely from a Brighton studio where I directed and coordinated the animators via Slack and Skype. I also managed to animate a few shots myself! Throughout the project I worked closely with the film’s producers, director and layout artist to ensure that the production achieved it’s deadlines. The result of everyone’s hard work is a really sweet little film with a charming picture-book quality. I loved working on this project, it was very challenging at times but the entire team were an absolute pleasure to work with. I was thrilled that I and Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree was nominated in the Best Animation and Best Irish Feature or Special categories at this year’s Irish Animation Awards.

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