Toucan Testing

I’ve spent the last couple of days setting up art and assets for a possible Acorn Island game. If it goes anywhere it’ll be an adventure game made with pens, paper and computers. The workflow is something like this:

  • Draw the backgrounds and some props with ink on paper
  • Scan the artwork and map to planes in Blender
  • Create simple CG characters in Blender
  • Throw it all in Unity and make something fun.
  • Easy, right?

I’m making it up as I go along and I’ll continue so long as it stays fun, stays viable and if paid work doesn’t get in the way. Below are some more work in progress images. For this demo I want to use just one material for all the object textures, so everything has been placed on a 2048×2048 png, and that’s what I use for all the UVs. Hopefully this will keep performance nice and brisk (this is for mobile innit). Not that I’m intending the game to be asset heavy. Simplicity is the lazy efficient artist’s best friend after all.


Here’s the texture for the demo’s single material. The drawings were coloured and rearranged in Pshop. Maybe I’ll need to use more than one material, let’s see how it goes:


And here’s a screenshot of a mock up of the demo made in Blender. The final version will be less sparse, but this is a good start:

Toucan Stroll

Don’t expect loads of progress on this. I have to fit personal projects in and around work and life! But I’m enthused and want to crack on with it. Keep an eye on this blog for updates, or the usual social media channels.

Is the Pirate Life for Yee?

We’re getting close to the end of our trip to Acorn Island. You have a choice between:

1. Doing the decent thing.

2. Greed, or

3. Dressing up in loud clothing and sailing the 7 Seas. Arrrrr.

Why don’t you join in while you still can?

This is not the end, yet

Because when all seems lost, Jesper will arrive in the nick of time*. There are only 5 days to go of this nonsense, so NOW is the time to play along and show the breadth of your knowledge of FISH:

(* = Jesper is not contractually obliged to arrive in the nick of time for you, but he will endeavour to turn up within a pre-arranged 48 hour time slot. Terms and conditions apply)

The Sad Tale

18 days in to our 31 day visit to Acorn Island, and finally there’s a confrontation of sorts. Not with the bear, but with his aunty. Who happens to be a large hen and the island’s police force.

She tells you the sad tale, and you can decide whether to believe it or not. Play along here:

Acorn Island Round-up

We’re up to Day 13 in the Acorn Island adventure game over on my Twitter stream. The players have (finally) got ’round to opening the door of the hut, to be presented with the scene of a bear, asleep in an armchair. There is a painting of a cargo ship on the wall, titled “The Last Voyage of the Saucy Seagull”. Who is that on the ship? That’s a very fancy clock. And who are in those pictures on the mantelpiece? What if the bear wakes up?

Questions, to be answered. You can take part here:

The Rumour of Bears

Day 3 of the ‘Acorn Island’ Twitter game. I was a little disappointed that the vote went against finding out more about Timothy 2 Cans life at sea, but I managed to sneak a nautical reference into today’s drawing.

If you’re not aware of what this is all about, ‘Acorn Island’ is an Inktober project where I post a drawing on Twitter every day of October. People can then vote on what happens next, and so influence the next day’s drawing. It’s a game! Below is today’s (Day 3) poll, maybe you’d like to join in:


Oh, and Inktober is an online festival of drawing, which anyone can get involved with. Simply draw something (preferably with ink, I’d say) and post it somewhere online (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) with the hashtag #inktober2017

Acorn Island: Day One


Here we are at the start of our 31 day adventure. Something seems amiss on Acorn Island, and maybe you could find out what is going on. Simply take a look at today’s drawing and then head over to my Twitter stream to vote on what to do (or click in the embedded tweet below):

It’s going to be fun!

This is all part of my Inktober project for 2017. Hope you join in and enjoy.