Is the Pirate Life for Yee?

We’re getting close to the end of our trip to Acorn Island. You have a choice between: 1. Doing the decent thing. 2. Greed, or 3. Dressing up in loud clothing and sailing the 7 Seas. Arrrrr. Why don’t you join in while you still can?

This is not the end, yet

Because when all seems lost, Jesper will arrive in the nick of time*. There are only 5 days to go of this nonsense, so NOW is the time to play along and show the breadth of your knowledge of FISH: (* = Jesper is not contractually obliged to arrive in the nick of timeContinue reading “This is not the end, yet”

Acorn Island Round-up

We’re up to Day 13 in the Acorn Island adventure game over on my Twitter stream. The players have (finally) got ’round to opening the door of the hut, to be presented with the scene of a bear, asleep in an armchair. There is a painting of a cargo ship on the wall, titled “TheContinue reading “Acorn Island Round-up”