I see trouble ahead

The players of the Acorn Island adventure game got to visit the three-eared Kat King. He tells them that the bear’s missing father was on his way to Scrimshaw Isle, with a cargo for a pirate gang. If you like that sort of thing then join in here on Twitter (there are only 6 days to go):

The Sad Tale

18 days in to our 31 day visit to Acorn Island, and finally there’s a confrontation of sorts. Not with the bear, but with his aunty. Who happens to be a large hen and the island’s police force.

She tells you the sad tale, and you can decide whether to believe it or not. Play along here:

Acorn Island Round-up

We’re up to Day 13 in the Acorn Island adventure game over on my Twitter stream. The players have (finally) got ’round to opening the door of the hut, to be presented with the scene of a bear, asleep in an armchair. There is a painting of a cargo ship on the wall, titled “The Last Voyage of the Saucy Seagull”. Who is that on the ship? That’s a very fancy clock. And who are in those pictures on the mantelpiece? What if the bear wakes up?

Questions, to be answered. You can take part here:

The Rumour of Bears

Day 3 of the ‘Acorn Island’ Twitter game. I was a little disappointed that the vote went against finding out more about Timothy 2 Cans life at sea, but I managed to sneak a nautical reference into today’s drawing.

If you’re not aware of what this is all about, ‘Acorn Island’ is an Inktober project where I post a drawing on Twitter every day of October. People can then vote on what happens next, and so influence the next day’s drawing. It’s a game! Below is today’s (Day 3) poll, maybe you’d like to join in:


Oh, and Inktober is an online festival of drawing, which anyone can get involved with. Simply draw something (preferably with ink, I’d say) and post it somewhere online (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) with the hashtag #inktober2017

Acorn Island: Day Two

The people voted and so instead of chasing after the bear into a strange forest, they decided to talk to the startled toucan. Below’s drawing is of what he had to say. If you want to join in the game, here’s a link to today’s Twitter poll:


27 Percent

It was late and I found myself having to update my desktop computer after a long summer’s sleep. The computer was only 27% through it’s important work. In this kind of situation it’s best not to stare at the progress indicator. Instead, grab a pencil and draw something.


I was pleased with the Land Rover County, the bear driving it and the toucan. When I looked back at my computer it was still at 27%, so I thought I’d give inking the drawing ago. Now, I really hate inking over pencil marks. The pen nib slides around, the ink flows badly and I rarely leave it enough time to dry before erasing the pencil with a rubber. So I’m often left with a smeared drawing due to bad technique and impatience. A few years ago I treated myself to a small light box but I’ve never really used it. I’ve got into the habit of drawing in ink without pencilling. Anyway, I decided to trace this pencil doodle and so I dug out the light box. Happily it worked, and I traced the pencils onto an overlaid piece of paper wit my fountain pen.


I was pretty pleased with it. I over did it on the hatching as usual but I just can’t help myself. I looked back up at my monitor and of course, it’s still at 27%. But that’s ok, I’m quite enjoying this stolen time and so I get my colouring pencils and get to work. When it comes to colouring drawings, pencils are my best friends. They don’t care if I insist on non-waterproof ink. They live in a nice little tin.


And that is that, really. Time well spent. Of course, the computer is still at 27% after about an hour of drawing. I need to go to bed and I don’t want to leave it running all night. So I switch it off and on again.

*And of course it’s fine.*