The Cafe

Legs felt good this morning after the leg warmer up to Cheung’s Perfumed Pagoda, so took the loop around the harbour and past the old fort. They’re ploughing up at Stoneacre farm. The road is covered in mud and muck and that farmer is miserable. She always scowls even though she gets to drive around in a massive tractor all day. She should be bloody ecstatic. Never mind. Bit of a grind through Hagman’s Woods but managed to catch a glimpse of the kingfisher, second time this year! Didn’t stop in Mungo’s Hole as wanted to finish on a decent climb. So up, up, up Mizzen Hill. A jet flew past so low I nearly had a fit and the legs nearly blew three quarters from the top. Managed to creep up to the top ready and gasping for a nice cup of tea, but the cafe was closed. Bah!

Bad day? What would Hinault do?


You know what he’d do #rule5

This is from a couple of years ago. I need to think on it as I haven’t been out on my bike since just before Christmas. I decided to have a rest through January, but what with work pressure, family life and snow I still haven’t been out for a ride in 2018.

A sorry state of affairs. My legs are weak, my resolve is weaker. Something must be done. What would Hinault do?