31 Days on Acorn Island

Acorn Island was a simple, hand-drawn game I ran on Twitter in October 2017 (also as part of #inktober2017). The idea was to draw something in pen and ink and then post it to Twitter where players could choose what to do / where to go next. I’m sure it’s been done before, but IContinue reading “31 Days on Acorn Island”

Is the Pirate Life for Yee?

We’re getting close to the end of our trip to Acorn Island. You have a choice between: 1. Doing the decent thing. 2. Greed, or 3. Dressing up in loud clothing and sailing the 7 Seas. Arrrrr. Why don’t you join in while you still can? https://twitter.com/SirTimofFrost/status/924726792572882944

I see trouble ahead

The players of the Acorn Island adventure game got to visit the three-eared Kat King. He tells them that the bear’s missing father was on his way to Scrimshaw Isle, with a cargo for a pirate gang. If you like that sort of thing then join in here on Twitter (there are only 6 daysContinue reading “I see trouble ahead”