This Dog

After thousands of hours of research I can confirm this dog learns instructions 48.3% faster than cats, and 72.6% faster than my children .

His Nibs

His Nibs wishes you a good morning, afternoon and/or evening. This photo captures him listening to a woodpecker’s drilling in the woods. Which is a little strange, as were more used to hearing them in spring.


Here’s my dog doing what he likes 2nd best*: chasing and being chased. I’ve just treated myself to a Pixel 3 phone and of course, the first thing I did was to start checking out its camera. It’s… Marvelous!

* His best is a tie between sleeping and chewing stuff.

Good Boy of Sussex: July Update

So the dog is, we think, 10 months old now. We don’t know for sure as he’s a rescue. What’s a bit daunting is that he’s probably grown to twice the size from when he joined our family, and from the looks of him he has more growing to do. My wife has suggested we get him his own sofa. I think he would prefer his own room with a double bed.

He has grown, but he has not grown out of chewing every single thing he sees and can reach, which is a lot as he doesn’t usually need a ladder. This is vexing, but it’s offset by the wonder and joy of seeing him sprint through the local woods and meadows. He hasn’t yet discovered a lust for the hunt of rabbits, or lust in general. It’s sure to come.

He’s a lurcher, which is a mix between sight hound (like a whippet or a greyhound) and something else. We think he’s part whippet and part saluki, mostly from other dog owner’s comments. When we run out of things to spend our money on, we’ll give him a DNA test, just for curiosity’s sake. Lurchers are possibly the perfect dog for those who have children and don’t want to spend hours walking the dog, as they are gentle, sociable and sleep about 18 hours a day. They like their walks short and very, very fast. The rest of the time is spent chewing stuff.