Doodles to download by

Confucius said:

No matter how fast computers get, or how fat The Internet Pipe becomes, we still have plenty of time to wait for stuff to download, to process, and to render. Use that time well with a doodle, a walk or even a nap.

Pencil v Computer

Here’s a thing:

Drawing with a pen and colouring with pencils is faster, better and more enjoyable than using a computer.

Who knew?

Another Last Day in Vilnius

Work has taken me back to Vilnius again this week. Today is my last day before heading home. I really like this town. It’s just the right size, with just the right level of busy-ness. The food is great and the beer is cheap. Mostly though, Lithuanians are very nice people and I love the jumble of old and new architecture of these narrow streets.