Speedball & the North Korean Bird Stamps

It’s been a long time since I drew with a dip pen. It shows! But I found some nice things to draw from reference, these North Korean bird stamps that belonged to my later brother in law. They’re not valuable, but they are pretty and show a different side to that strange country (and beforeContinue reading “Speedball & the North Korean Bird Stamps”

I see trouble ahead

The players of the Acorn Island adventure game got to visit the three-eared Kat King. He tells them that the bear’s missing father was on his way to Scrimshaw Isle, with a cargo for a pirate gang. If you like that sort of thing then join in here on Twitter (there are only 6 daysContinue reading “I see trouble ahead”

Acorn Island: Day One

  Here we are at the start of our 31 day adventure. Something seems amiss on Acorn Island, and maybe you could find out what is going on. Simply take a look at today’s drawing and then head over to my Twitter stream to vote on what to do (or click in the embedded tweetContinue reading “Acorn Island: Day One”

Acorn Island: Do you want to play a game?

If you head over to my Twitter stream you can take part in a hand drawn game called ‘Acorn Island’ I’ll be making during October. The idea.is this: Everyday I post a drawing along with a Twitter poll. You control the game by voting in the poll. By October 31st I hope that we have all hadContinue reading “Acorn Island: Do you want to play a game?”